Featured Projects

Arbor Center for Teaching

The Foundation has supported this innovative teaching residency program at Arbor School of Arts and Sciences since its inception. These grants have led to the publication of a suite of curricular materials and a free journal aimed at helping educators develop children’s intellect, character, and creativity.

Teatro Milagro/Miracle Theatre Portland

Milagro provides extraordinary Latino theater, culture, and arts education experiences for the enrichment of all communities.

The Circus Project

The Foundation supports the Circus Project’s award-winning outreach programs, which provide specialized training to homeless and at-risk youth with a therapeutic approach, free of cost, by utilizing the unique appeal of circus arts to impart essential life skills such as self-care, discipline, communication, and accountability.


PlayWrite is a theater-based program that builds resilience, creativity and success. Eight students form an attuned working alliance with eight coaches, engaging in exercises involving movement, sound, scent, and memory. Students create a play with unique non-human characters from the authentic emotions of their own life experiences, directing professional actors on the final day.

Coos Art Museum

Coos Art Museum is the cornerstone of visual arts on Oregon’s Southern Coast. Through collections, exhibitions, and educational programs, we are building an arts and cultural community and promoting the appreciation, understanding, and expression of visual art.

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