Apply Portland

Instructions for Portland, Oregon applicants

Step 1

Prepare a cover sheet. The cover sheet includes the following:

Step 2

Answer the following questions in a response of three to seven pages. Please note that we receive many applications that are too short and lack the detail sufficient for serious consideration.

  1. Describe how the proposed program/project will operate.
  2. What are the basic needs and objectives to be met by this program/project? Include estimates of the number of people to be served.
  3. How does this project foster self-sufficiency for your participants?
  4. How does this proposed grant meet the foundation’s funding priorities?
  5. What measurable goals/ results/ outcomes do you expect to report to the Hoover Family Foundation, and how will these results be measured? Be specific.
  6. Why is your organization the appropriate group to meet these needs and deliver these services? Include discussion of the organization’s mission, history, staff strengths, etc.
  7. How will this effort be sustained when the Hoover Family Foundation funding ceases?
  8. What other funders are involved in the support of this effort?

Step 3

Attach all of the following items to the grant application:

Step 4

Evaluation of proposals is based on:

With limited resources and a large number of appeals, the foundation is only able to fund a small portion of the many worthwhile requests received. Those constraints also limit the size of grants and the ability to fund on an annual basis.

Step 5

Mail three (3) collated copies (including cover sheet) of the entire completed application (including all attachments) to the Portland office.

Faxes and emails will not be accepted. Please do not send videos or binders. Also do not drop off applications at the Oregon office. We cannot guarantee that the application will be received. Incomplete applications will not be considered.